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Owning Your Home: Fall Edition

by Lisa Buchanan "Assistant on the Town"

Home ownership can be a wonderful thing. The pride of owning your home can be almost magical, walking into the door right after you sign the papers carries a unique high. But owning a home always carries responsibilities.  Some of those are every day chores, and some are seasonal related. Going into the fall season (and approaching winter), there are certain things that are good ideas to implement to prepare for the colder season ahead.

  1. Gutter Goals.
    Cleaning out your gutters, and inspecting them for any cracks or maintenance needed is crucial before it gets too cold to do so. In the fall, with the autumnal leaves drifting down every day, this can become an everyday chore till the trees finish shedding their leaves. Crowded, full, obstructed gutters can leave to improper water disposal and if left alone, water damage to your house.
  2. Roof Problems.
    Now is the time to inspect your roof for damaged areas or places that need repaired before rain and snow put additional pressure on it. Deal with it now, rather than having to deal with it in the freezing weather
  3. Driveways & Sidewalks (property inspection)
    Now is the time too, to identify any problem areas and clean the sidewalk and driveway. Keeping them free of debris so in wet condition they don’t become slippery and dangerous!
  4. Drain It.
    If you’re the type of person whose outdoor landscaping puts everyone else’s to shame (looking at your neighbors), then you need to make sure the tools you do so with are protected. Many people have outdoor faucets and irrigation systems that need to be flushed out for their protection. Busted water lines are never fun!
  5. Clean & Fresh.
    Time to clean out the vents and replace the filters! It’s a good practice to replace your filter every 30-60 days but it’s easy to get behind. Take this time of “fall prepping” to catch up on the cycle and get everything cleaned out and ready for the new season.
  6. Tighten the Hatches!
    With gaps in caulk and weather stripping accounting for 10% of heating bills, checking the nooks and cranny’s can add up to major savings.  It’s also the most cost effective way to keep your energy costs down.
  7. Check the Heating Source
    Gas, Furnace, wood burning, all the sources what will keep you warm this winter also need regular maintenance to be kept safe and functional. Have a professional check out your furnace and your gas logs. Inspect your chimney and clean it out if you have a wood burning stove or fireplace.
  8. Keep Everybody Safe
    Carbon Monoxide & Smoke detectors are vital in keeping your family safe.  Fire is always a worry, and carbon dioxide can be fatal is left undetected. Replace the batteries in the ones you already have and make sure you have one on every floor of your house. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher rated for all fire types.  And put a fire escape plan into place for each member of the family.
  9. Clean up Time

Once you’ve gone over the specifics of fall cleanup, go back and do a general clean up. Store everything that needs to be stored or sorted go ahead and take care of it. Prep the flower beds for next year and haul off trash and leaves that need to be hauled off. A little bit of extra effort now makes an easier time of it in the spring.




Home ownership takes a little more effort, but has greater reward. Doing seasonal check list help keep up your beautiful home without getting overwhelmed. If you need any numbers or advice for professionals to call, don’t hesitate to give The Dex Hubbard Team a call!

Total Eclipse of the Sun in Murphy, North Carolina

by Lisa Buchanan "Assistant on the Town"

August 21,2017

A total eclipse of the Sun. The first one since February 26,1979. The first major one in North America since Mary 7,1970.  And the first one since 1776 that has a totality path that lies completely within the united states. And Murphy, North Carolina is a prime location to watch it.

What has been described as a “quirk of cosmic geometry”, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets between the Earth and the Sun, and the moon casts a shadow over the earth. The suns diameter is four hundred times larger than the moon. However, the moon itself is four hundred times closer to Earth than the sun. There is a total eclipse on average every 18 months, but they are not always easy to view. The earth is mostly covered by water, and what eclipses do occur over land often times occur over less populated areas. Next year’s Eclipse path will directly cross over 12 million, but an estimated 220 million people will live within a day’s drive of it.

The difference between a partial solar eclipse and a full one was quoted as,” the difference between viewing a partial eclipse and experiencing a total one is the difference between almost dying and dying.” If you are viewing a partial solar eclipse, you will be only able to tell it is happening with special eye protection. With the right eye wear, you can watch the moon moving slowly across the face of the sun. But It’s not anything particularly special.

If you’re in the path of totality, you’ll see the shrinking sliver of the sun and visually everything will seep sharper and clearer, even though it’s darker. Then the temperature drops, the birds start to roost, and the evening insects come out to prepare for sunset. The sky will get a deeper and darker blue and the sun sliver starts to get small enough that you can almost see it shrinking through your glasses.

It’s hard to explain what it’s going to be like. And for perfect solar eclipse viewing, you’ll need cloud free skies. And protective eye gear is a must! You can still damage your eyes during a solar eclipse. The experts recommend not trying to MacGyver gear yourself. There is cheap eye protection available for purchase all over the internet. Find a large open area that is either public land, or get permission to hang out if it’s privately owned. Bring food, drinks, sunblock, and good friends to watch this once in a lifetime celestial event.

The fact that Murphy will be one of the best places to watch this spectacular solar eclipse is only one reason to visit. Murphy is a land of mountains, lakes, and fantastic people. Visit once, and you won’t want to leave. 

Recipe for Color- The Changing of the Leaves

by Lisa Buchanan "Assistant on the Town"

Driving to work at RE/MAX Mountain Properties yesterday morning, I noticed something disturbing. A few solitary leaves were turning yellow and red. It’s mid-August, and the leaves are starting to change. I love summer and heat and would have them all year. Alas, it looks like fall is about to be upon us. As much as I love the summer sun I have to admit that fall, especially in our area, is breath taking. Several people obviously agree, as the fall season is just as busy if not busier than the spring and summer. And I will be the first to admit that I do love a good drive up on a mountain or on the Cherohala Skyway to check out the glorious autumnal color.

What causes that color though? What is the magical recipe that makes for a great leaf season?

Apparently, during the spring & summer the leaves are food factories for the tree.  But when the fall season hits the leaves stop their food making process due to a change in daylight and temperatures. The color that the leaf changes to will depend on the tree and additional chemical changes. Typically, you see red and purple hues in trees like dogwoods and sumacs while some trees like the sugar maple is orange.

Low temperatures, light, and water are the keys to hues and duration of the foliage. What we hope not to see is an early freeze, heavy wind and rain, and drought.  All those factors will cause less bright leaves and shorter foliage. The ideal environment is tons of sunlight, warm days, and cool nights.

Luckily this year we’re not in a drought, though it has been a dry summer here in Murphy. So fingers crossed the other conditions will cooperate for a brilliant autumn. If it should, you absolutely have to make a trip up here to check it out. Stay a night or two, check out our many harvest festivals, take a hike through the colorful trees, drink a delicious hot beverage sitting by a campfire as the smoke drifts into the night sky. Whatever you do, your time here is going to a fantastic adventure. 


If your dream is to wake up every morning and gaze out onto the mountains, then check out this list of homes that can make your dream come true. 

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