Where ever you live, whether you be a city dweller or  country folk, it is so easy to take for granted where you reside. Last night, I was reminded of how amazing these mountains are.

Have you heard of the Synchronous Fireflies ?

This specific species are found only in a handful of places around the world. Photinus Carolius is a "rover Firefly". When they mate, they display sychronous flashing. This happens once a year, anwhere from late May to early June, depending on temperature.

Although I've lived in the mountains for over 7 years, I had never heard of this.  It's amazing isn't it, that the most beautiful things around you often remain unseen.

Last night, my two girl friends and I headed out to see what we had been missing.

After making a quick stop for dinner @ The Pizza Man (opening for the season  June 6, 2015), we headed into the twilight, down 129, hung a left, and took the back way to Joyce Kilmer.

Arriving in the parking lot, we didn't know what to expect. The Synchronous Firefiles is a not a scheduled tour, and you'll have a hard time booking them for a gig. In fact, afterwards we all admited that we were unsure whether or not we would see anything. Were we too late? Were we going to be in the wrong spot? Were they going to show up? The occasional fire fly flashed as we exited the vehicle. And so we waited, hoping that the show would begin, with low expectations of the finale.

Darkness surrounded us. Twilight had given way to almost complete darkness, and we were shrouded in the shadows of the tree's that Joyce Kilmer so loved. And all of a sudden, the woods ignited.

How to explain the visuals of it? I don't know if I can communicate how amazing it was to be in the middle of this ancient, beautiful ritual. The technical defination is the males emit a light, then the females answer it. But technical langauge has a problem capturing the awe, and the experience of it. We stayed for over 2 hours. Giggling, laughing, and staring at the spectacular beauty surrounding us.

After leaving Joyce Kilmer, we ventured up the Cherohala Skyway a bit, pulled off at a look out, and stared at the stars, which were brilliant.

Then it was time to head home, get in bed, dream of the day, and be well rested enough to be the phenomanal assistant Dex Hubbard has come to know and expect.

Mountain life is beautiful, exciting, and sometimes terrifying and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This blog post is taken from Dex's Personal Assistants Website "assistantonthetown.com" The Synchronous Firefiles happen in the spring, so make sure to check them out in 2016!