Visitors who come into our office to look at homes often ask, Why Murphy? What is it like here? What makes Murphy the best place to live?


For me, it begins with the mountains. 



Surrounded by such overwhelming nature can take your breath away. It’s easy to take for granted, day in and day out, but sometimes the sunlight will catch the crest of the mountains just perfectly to illuminate the shadows and once again you’re reminded of how blessed you are to be here.



Another reason I love it here is because there is never time to be bored.  If there isn’t a concert at the renowned John C. Campbell Folk school, head down the street to Clay’s Corner (Famous for their New Year’s Possum Drop). Or just wander downtown for good old fashioned retail therapy. If nothing in Murphy is catching your eye at the moment, it’s guaranteed that there is something in Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Hayesville, or Hiawassee that will satisfy. If getting away from it all is the goal, being surrounded by trails, rivers, lakes, creeks, mountains, and national forest service land is ideal.




The best thing about Murphy though, is the people.



Whether you’re walking into the Curiosity Shop and being greeted by Linda or going to The Daily Grind and being treated like family by the locals who hang out there. Wandering down the street into Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company and having a member of the enthusiastic staff mix you their favorite vinaigrette combo over ice cream, just because it tastes so good. It’s seeing people that you know at Doyle’s’, raising a glass and sending over a round. Or your boss’s wife taking you to the Sweet Tooth (just because).


Just some of the many reasons I’m happy to call Murphy home.



Are you ready to answer that call?