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4th of July Celebrations 2016

by Dex Hubbard

It’s time for Murphy to roll out their Fourth of July Celebrations, and this year will not disappoint. Kicking off the weekend is Murphy’s Art Walk. The first Friday of every month, this year falls the weekend of the Fourth. During the Art Walk, not only will there be great vendors and local artist, but the Cowboys & Indians Band will be playing at the Red Brick Deli. Andrews Brewing Company is having live music Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. The Folk School is featuring The Chuck Nation Band at 7 pm on Friday the 1st.  Monday, July 4th, Murphy kicks off their celebration with their parade, starting at 10 a.m. During the day, there will be bouncy houses, competitions, food vendors, the much anticipated Peanut Drop and much more at the Park all day. Weather Permitting there will be tethered RE/MAX balloon rides from 7-9 with all proceeds benefiting a local charity, always a large draw. The festivities will be concluded in the evening with fireworks!

Our neighbors to the south of us in Blue Ridge are going to have a lot of fun. Head out to Lake Blue Ridge to check up the Light up the Lake Boat Parade.  July 2nd in downtown Blue Ridge is the Fourth of July Day Parade with fireworks to follow at dusk at Blue Ridge Marina.

Blairsville, GA is having their firework celebration at Meek’s Part. Vogel Park is having their annual celebration starting with their Flag Raising Ceremony at 8:30 am. During the day expect pedal boat races, sandcastle competition, a watermelon eating contest, sack race, greased pole climbing and much more. 


Have a great, safe weekend. Get out and explore. 

I'm bored

by Ginger Hubbard

I’m bored...Undecided

“I’m bored”…we’ve all heard this at one time or another, heck, we’ve all SAID it at one time or another.  We live in Western North Carolina, the mecca of outdoor activities so we should never be bored.  We have three lakes in our area, Fontana, Hiwassee, and Chatuge in which we can swim, ski, fish, or canoe.  We have numerous creeks such as Fires Creek, Snowbird Creek, Davis Creek, etc.; which are relaxing to the soul and rewarding to the fisherman.  If bigger water is what you seek (and bigger thrills), then you can plan a rafting trip down the Nantahala River or the Ocoee River.

If water is not on the agenda, try one of the numerous walking trails we have here in Western North Carolina.  You can visit and look for hiking trails which are sorted by difficulty and feature.  This is a great website and will help you plan the perfect day out to accommodate your family. This site also provides tips on what to wear, take with you etc. for a safe and fun trip:

These activities are inexpensive, family friendly, and will be remembered years from now as one of your favorite family vacations where no one was bored.

Celebration with wine and friends

by Ginger Hubbard

Celebration with wine and friends :) 

One of my best friends recently turned 50 years old (shout out to Stacy Allore).  Her girlfriends wanted to do something really special for her, as she’s special to us.  So we rented a pink camouflage limousine from Valley River Winery (Murphy, NC), participated in a wine tasting, which was AWESOME and got busy celebrating Stacy’s big five-OH in the back of the pink limo.  Our hashtag for the day was #stacys50inthepinklimo. We then traveled to Nottely Vineyards (, located in Culberson, NC and enjoyed great wine and breathtaking views.  You can see three states from this winery and is so worth the trip.  We then loaded back into our pink camo limo and headed to Crane Creek Winery in Young Harris, (  They were having a festival so it was even better than we had planned.  Again, great wine, entertainment, and crafts.  By the time we were finished, there we were running behind and had to cancel the last two stops of our wine tour.  Our driver delivered us to Helen, GA where the rest of the party was meeting us to continue the fun festivities. 

So even though Murphy doesn’t have malls for shopping, theaters for plays, we do have wineries for tasting!  And wasn’t it Benjamin Franklin who said: “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” 

So be happy and drink wine!  Happy Birthday Stacy…love you my friend.

Limogroup photo from wine tour

Tennessee Valley Authority

by Dex Hubbard

The time:1920

The place: Hazel Creek

An area filled with mountain Appalachian communities. People who worked together to build the local school houses. Bare feet that walked forest trails home or to the favorite fishing spot. Fresh dirt breaking underneath the hoe, the earth waiting to embrace the life giving seed.

Life wasn’t easy, but it was home.

You would have no idea that one day the roads you walked, the churches you attended, the land you plowed, and the home you built would be below water, a tribute for FDR’s creation of the TVA.

On May 18, 1993 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the TVA Act. The TVA’s purpose was to help control floods, produce electricity, and improve the quality of life for those who lived in the Tennessee Valley.

Indeed, many of the goals of the TVA were met. Electricity became more widely available, especially to those who did not live near cities. The TVA gave funds to hire people to work with farmers, and to introduce new farming practices. Flooding was reduced drastically. My grandmother will still talk about the flash floods that use to sweep over the land, how half of the old home was swept away by one such flood. You can go visit the cabin today, and gaze at wonderment at how far and fast and violent the river would have to be to reach the old homestead.

One goal of the TVA was to “modernize” the Valley. Malaria affected thirty percent of the population and the average income was 630.00 per year, although some families survived on as little 100.00. Erosion, and poor farming practices had depleted the soil and caused crop yields to fall. The TVA created new fertilizers, taught farmers better farming practices, replanted forests that had been lost to lumber and burning, and improved the fish and wildlife habitat. However, the change that most impacted the residents in the Tennessee River Valley was the availability of electricity.  

Though there were a lot of great things to come with the formation of the TVA, getting changes to be successfully received by the locals was difficult. Over 15,000 people were displaced with the creation of the dams. And in many of the areas, remote geographically and vastly different in way of life, government agencies were suspect. So the TVA found leaders in the community and convinced them of the benefits of the new farming practices.

If you don’t live near a TVA regulated dam, your knowledge or care about them may be superficial. For that matter, most of us who live near them don’t give them a second thought.  But they impact our lives every day.

The TVA ranks as the largest public power company, and has a generating capacity of 31,658 megawatts and delivers power to 8.5 million Tennessee valley residents. The TVA also manages four major reservoirs in North Carolina. The outdoor recreation created by the TVA is phenomenal; Fishing, boating, kayaking, and canoeing are incredible on the lakes and the rivers. Rafting is a huge sport, with some TVA controlled rivers being sites of Olympic events.

The TVA is both historic and pivotal in the commercial driven economy of Western North Carolina, East Tennessee, and Northwest Georgia.  Everywhere you look you see something that is an offshoot of the TVA and its original purpose. So come to the mountains and enjoy history, conservation, and beauty all rolled into one beautiful place.

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