Whether it’s the first date of the relationship, a weekly occurrence, or you & your spouse’s night off to keep the romance kindled, we live in a fantastic place to exceed your romantic date expectations. If you’re a transplant, then planning a great time may seem daunting. The nearest Dave & Busters is a good couple of hours away, and pre-made date excursions are hard to come by. As a half transplant myself, the romantic possibilities dazzle me.


  1. The All Day Date (not for beginners)

This is probably not a good first date. This is a beautiful endurance race not suited for the faint of heart or the not-yet-comfortable-with-each-other people. This date begins at your favorite farmer’s market. Stroll through the booths, hand in hand if you dare, and pick up ingredients for an early dinner. Come up with a recipe as you go, or have a recipe prior. After shopping locally and getting as many ingredients as you can for dinner, head over to Blairsville, GA and stop by Michaelee’s Italian Caffe, and pick up a couple of decadent desserts. From there Helton Creek Falls. A short hike, bring a blanket or a chair and eat dessert and have some good conversation with the relaxing backdrop of the loud falls. Leave there and head to your house, to create not just a meal, but memories together.

  1. Beginners Luck

Your date may not be comfortable going to a remote mountain top to check out the stars on the first date (read: don’t creep them out). However, gazing at the stars is a tried and true romantic experience. Thankfully, tucked into the Young Harris College campus is Rollin’s Planetarium. Not only do they do shows about the universe (and music shows, holiday themes, etc) but they do so at a reasonable price (super cheap) at 5.00 per show.  The only caveat is to plan ahead as tickets stop being sold 30 mins prior to the show.  This is a thoughtful first date that doesn’t make you sound like a creeper (i.e. lets go to a remote mountain all alone even though we just met).

  1. Group Date Competition

Group dates can get a bad rap. But honestly, spending time with each other and with other people is healthy, fun, and can alleviate pressure. A great idea for a good time is going to a large flea market or local antique shop and have a contest to see who can purchase the coolest item for less than 5.00.  After everyone is done head out to eat and have everyone vote on which is the coolest. You can offer a prize, like winner gets their dessert paid for by everyone else.

  1. Rolling on the River Date

You can’t not live in Murphy or the local area and not know about the two great water sport rivers, The Ocoee and the Nantahala River. My favorite is the Nantahala, personally, because I like a mostly tame ride, with a break for pizza at Pizza By The River. But if you and your date prefer a more adventurous and labor intensive afternoon, then you have to check out the Ocoee River, site of the 1996 Canoe Slalom for the summer Olympics.  Either River has great food options after you’ve worked up an appetite rafting or kayaking.

  1. Dinner & A Movie – At The Swann Drive In

One of the only 4 Drive-Inn movie theatres operating in Georgia, The Swann Drive In has been in operation since 1955. They accept only cash, and have a wonderful concession. From Burgers, to Fries, to standard movie fare, they also feature devilishly sweet concoctions such as the deep fried Oreo’s and funnel cakes. Watch the movie in your car or bring a blanket and lay in the back of your truck or on the grass to enjoy the movie. Not only is this a great, different movie night idea, the people are friendly and the food is delicious.


  1. Mercier Orchards

Luckily, there are many orchards that offer events like “U-Pick” but Mercier’s has been moved to the top of the list. Not only do they have U-Pick events for their apples, blackberries, and other fruits they have cool things like their own Winery where they craft their own hard cider and wine. They also host weddings and other events, which would be cool if this date turns out to be with THE one.  Anniversary or wedding venue would be a no brainer!


Basically, anywhere around here is a great place for a date. All it needs is a little thought and ingenuity. But, if you need help coming up with a perfect date then you should keep this list around. We don’t mind sharing our local knowledge/genius anytime you need it!