As I reline on the boat, feeling the sun’s rays bathing my body and the soft, cooling wind dancing over, the peaceful slapping of the waves against the hull and the gentle rocking of the boat gives me a sense of peace that I associate with Lake Hiwassee.
Bear Paw Resort is one of the few places around the lake that you can live “on the lake”. With over 163 miles of shoreline, Lake Hiwassee is an anomaly, with only 7% developed.  In the summer, when you are out on the lake, you do see the occasional boat or jet skis but it’s practically empty compared to surrounding lakes which can be up to 97% developed.  There are only a few marinas on the lake, one of the best ones is at Bear Paw Resort.

Murphy is a historical area, and Bear Paw brings its own set of tales. Part of the TVA’s plan, the Hiwassee Dam is one of the 51 Dams of the Tennessee Valley Authority water control systems.  It’s the third highest dam of the TVA system and named after the river it holds back. To house the workers that would build the Dam, they built 42 permanent houses, 73 Temporary houses, 5 men’s dormitories and one woman’s dormitory. They also built a cafeteria, hospital, community building, personnel office, school, multiple garage buildings, service station, a bowling alley and an observation building.

In 1959, Hiwassee Lake Resort Village was organized to own the land the village sat on. Development continued but it wasn’t until 1965 that more than 50% of the home sites had been sold and steps were being made to make it into a full time resort. In 1973, the village became known as Bear Paw. Today it has 1,090 lots, 200+ homes, 42 cottages, 23 Condominiums, and a marina. It has twenty-four-hour gated security, well maintained roads, and a vibrant community life. While the resort is popular with second home owners and vacationers, it also boasts full time residents.

Bear Paw Resort doesn’t have “HOA fee’s” like you would think. It exists under a special service district provision. Instead of fees, there are standard taxes that are then given back to the district and the board that takes care of the land and road.

Today as your drive down the roads, you drive slowly, waving to people riding around on their golf carts (a favorite way of transportation), walking their dogs, jogging, and riding down to play tennis or go swimming. You might hear the echo of music at the club house from a dance class or the laughter of neighbors & friends as they take a moment to speak to each other. On the Fourth of July, Bear Paw has one of the biggest parties and best fireworks. And every day of the year, Bear Paw Resort is a fantastic community to live in.

If Bear Paw sounds like the kind of place you’d like to call home,

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