Day Trips

Sometimes the traveling bug collides with reality. Yes, a sudden trip the somewhere tropical sounds divine, but you and most of the rest of the world have to be back to work on Monday. Luckily, in our “backyard” there is always somewhere new to explore; places you might not have knew existed that are perfect to fulfill the need for adventure or new beauty. This is a series on great day trips for you and your family to explore


Helton Creek Falls

45 mins-1 hour from Murphy, NC

I describe this as a day trip because you won’t want to leave once you are there. The water is cold (especially in September when I went) but it’s perfect for a hot summer day. Bring a picnic lunch, libations, and a swim suit. Lounge on the warm rocks, dip into the refreshing water, and drift off to sleep while listening to the loud water fall.

I got here just fine in my little Honda civic, but others might prefer a truck or suv, as it can get a little bumpy. If you decide to circle around when you leave instead of turning around and driving back the way in, you will have to ford two creeks.

Directions: From Blairsville take US 129 South (11 miles). Past Vogel State Park. Turn left on first gravel road (there should be a small sign). The gravel road is 2.2 miles and there will be a pull off. There are two falls, upper and lower. The trail is only .3 miles so manageable for all ages.


Asheville, NC

1.5 Hour to 2 Hours from Murphy, NC

There is so much to do in Asheville it will require many day trips or a longer stay. If you’re looking for grand amazement and you are into historical homes, check out The Biltmore Estate (especially dazzling at Christmas). Or check out the North Carolina Arboretum, a 434 acre garden that boasts many attractions including one of the most renowned Bonsai Collections in the country. Downtown Asheville has become a meca for the unusual and classic historical. Asheville has adopted the “keep Asheville Weird” campaign and stays true to form. It’s a refreshing mix of young, old, historical and new. If you’re a beer or wine connoisseur, then Asheville is definitely the place to be. Or if you’re looking for relaxation, check out the Shoji Hot Tub retreat & spa, ten minutes from downtown Asheville.


Cades Cove

1.5 to 2 hours from Murphy, NC

Cades Cove is an adventure into the past. Full of wild life and history, Cades Cove Smokey Mountain National Park was formed in 1934. It’s been preserved to look much like it did in the 1800s. It’s become the largest open air museum in the entire Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It has some original pioneer homesteads, barns, and businesses. Take the 11 mile “loop” to see different landscapes and scenery. There is camping & hiking for those who want to get out of the car! Just another great part of the Great Smokey Mountains!


Bald River Falls, Tellico TN

1.5 to 2 Hours from Murphy, NC

The Bald River is a major tributary of the Tellico River that is in Tellico, TN. If waterfalls and natural beauty amaze you, then you must check it out. There are a couple ways to get there. The “normal” way (GPS) or take Murphy to Joe Brown to Hanging Dog to Davis Creek and into Tennessee (the fun way). It has a 5.6 mile trail (rated Moderate) and plenty of pull offs if you are not up to getting out of the car. The Tellico River is a great place for fishing & wild trout fishing, if you have the inclination. 


***Check back for more day trips ***