While we are blessed to live in the mountains, and face temperate weather most of the time, the summer heat is coming. I love the power bill that comes in April & May,
but the higher July & August are on the way! To stay cool and save money, it’s time to do an energy check on your house.


  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat
    these things are amazing! And you can save 3-5% on a/c costs for each degree you raise the thermostat. 

  2. Close the Door! (& the Vents)
    If there is a room you’re not using, shut the door. Also, shut the vents to that room. And make sure to keep your filters clean. Our heating/air guy recommended that we change the filter every month; so when we pay the power bill; we change the filter. Not only is it more energy efficient but it also keeps your HVAC system healthy!

  3. Seal the Holes!
    If you’ve got a window unit, use weather stripping or foam insulation around it to seal the spaces. Check your doors and windows for gaps.

  4. Buy Power Strips
    Phone chargers, TV’s, VCR’s, tablets, toasters, microwave, and lamps use electricity even when they are off. Use power strips instead, and turn off the power strip when you leave the house.

  5. Timers & Motion Detectors.
    We get it, your outdoor lighting is on point. A neighbor walking down the street might think your yard is a magical fairy forest because of the bulbs carefully strung across
    the portico or be envious of your lighted walk way. But leaving it on all night is costing you money. Try timers or motion detectors instead, so you can use your lighting to wow (and to see) without losing all that money.

  6. Curtains
    Getting thick or energy efficient curtains is a manageable expense that makes a huge difference in the summer. Before you leave the house in the morning, draw the curtains and let them deflect the sun’s
    rays. Keeping the house cool naturally means less work for your HVAC unit.

  7.  Clothes Lines
    One of my favorite ideas for saving energy is using the clothes line instead of the dryer! While that may be because of my        fond childhood memories running in-between billowing sheets, I also love how
     the clothes smell coming off the line.