I’m bored...Undecided

“I’m bored”…we’ve all heard this at one time or another, heck, we’ve all SAID it at one time or another.  We live in Western North Carolina, the mecca of outdoor activities so we should never be bored.  We have three lakes in our area, Fontana, Hiwassee, and Chatuge in which we can swim, ski, fish, or canoe.  We have numerous creeks such as Fires Creek, Snowbird Creek, Davis Creek, etc.; which are relaxing to the soul and rewarding to the fisherman.  If bigger water is what you seek (and bigger thrills), then you can plan a rafting trip down the Nantahala River or the Ocoee River.

If water is not on the agenda, try one of the numerous walking trails we have here in Western North Carolina.  You can visit http://www.hikewnc.info/besthikes/ and look for hiking trails which are sorted by difficulty and feature.  This is a great website and will help you plan the perfect day out to accommodate your family. This site also provides tips on what to wear, take with you etc. for a safe and fun trip: http://www.hikewnc.info/areainfo/general

These activities are inexpensive, family friendly, and will be remembered years from now as one of your favorite family vacations where no one was bored.