Meandering throughout the heart of Murphy North Carolina, the River Walk is a fantastic place to spend your time. Following the Valley River, you’ll meet the Hiwassee River. Approximately 3 miles from one end to the other, the focus remains on the river, but you pass additional beautiful landmarks along the path. Starting at Konehete Park, follow the trail across the bridge, and stately trees to the fabled home of the Great Leach, legend of the Cherokee Indians. Continue past the old train bridge, over the boardwalk, and all the way to the L&N Depot. In the summer, Lake Hiwassee is full, and the water backs up into the lowlands and creates the kayak and canoe trails. The boardwalk is surrounded by water in the summer, and strolling on the river, surrounded by the river, is a unique experience that is hard to describe or duplicate.

You’ll see all types of people enjoying the River walk. For exercise, jogging and running along it is a popular use. You’ll also spot the nature seekers, sedately wandering, gazing at the natural beauty and maybe capturing a moment with their camera. Fisherman (and woman) love to sit on the banks and cast a line in the warm afternoons.

The River Walk is a community project, and the communities love for it is evidenced everywhere you look.  Volunteers help with upkeep certainly, as well as paying for gravel and other materials out of their own pocket. The hand crafted signs marking the paths are reclaimed cedar wood, from Doyle’s Cedar Hill restaurant brush with the tornado. An outdoor Performance Pavilion was constructed together with the Cherokee County Arts Council.  The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) constructed the new covered bridge, with the River Walk assuming responsibility for the upkeep. David & Debra, of the Celebrate Life Gallery, in conjunction with local business Digital Creations USA, created the beautiful 2016 Calendar featuring the River Walk, of which all of the proceeds go directly to support the River Walk & Canoe trails.  Linda, a face as familiar as her bookstore, The Curiosity Shop, carries the calendars for sale in Downtown Murphy.

The best thing about Murphy North Carolina, is not the natural beauty of the mountains, it’s the people. And no better proof of that exists then looking at something the people love, like The River Walk.
Murphy and the area surrounding it is a true community. A community that comes together for beautiful projects, and for its neighbors when they need help. The southern hospitality is evident walking down the sidewalks, driving down the roads, and interacting with the people.

This is life at its’ best.
Care to join us?