I live in a small town. The kind of town where if I forget to lock my door when I leave the house for work, and I don’t worry about it. The kind of place where walking home from the local pub (I live in the city limits) at 11 at night is something I’ve done multiple times with no fear. I’ve gotten my car stuck and had to walk up to a complete stranger’s house to call Dex to come pull me out. And while the nice lady and I respected the boundaries of strangers, she let me use her phone, because that is the type of place I live in. So when once again, I had to try to explain to yet another concerned person who does not want to move to Murphy because of the crime, I got a little angry.

If you pull up the crime statistics, you will be shocked. If you have never been here, then you will wonder how so many of us can stand to live here. Some statistics quote that 3 out of 4 people are victims of violent crime. If you live or visit here, you’ll be scratching your head and be puzzled. Until you look at the map.


In the city limits of Murphy, there are 2,420 residents according to the 2014 census. The county wide census number claims 27,178, a large part living in what is considered Murphy.  The statistician’s in all their wisdom have not had the pleasure to visit our fair town. If they had, they would consider that while the city limits are only 2.625 square miles, the county is 467 square miles.

 There are two main “towns”, Murphy & Andrews, with several townships and areas. Andrews stretches to the boundaries of Swain & Graham counties. Murphy takes over where Andrews leaves off to the west and goes all the way to the state lines.

You can definitely see how problematic and inaccurate the statistics are. Unfortunately, strangers on google might only see the statistics. But we who live in Murphy know the difference. I’m a relatively recent transplant but the beauty and people of the answer were a perfect fit.

Murphy has definitely see some growth in the past few years. We’ve gotten a new Harrah’s Casino, and while it hasn’t been the huge boon projected for the housing market, it’s added hundreds of job opportunities to the area. And county wide alcohol sales have been approved, paving the way for new restaurants and gas station locations all over the county.

But we’ve still got out small town charm. If you head out to The Daily Grind & Wine, you’ll likely see familiar faces sitting enjoying a strong cup of coffee with their cigars. Taking a walk down main street, you’ll see Mr. Cowan, hurrying to put an overnight package in the UPS box.  If you stop by in at Fatback’s Gas Station, Pat will probably be there manning the store. And if you decide to enjoy a relaxing Friday evening at Doyle’s Cedar Hill Restaurants tiki bar, well you’ll most likely see some of us from RE/MAX. We don’t only see ourselves as fellow denizens of this cozy, magical place in the mountains, but we’re your neighbors.

Give us a call for anything you need. We’re only too happy to help.