“But when did you start believing in ghosts?”
I press her, sitting across from her in the office.

She tells me that she always believed in spirits and the supernatural. And then adds, almost as an afterthought,

“But I really believed when one tried to strangle me at The Daily Grind.”

“Tried to strangle you? For real?”

“Finger prints on my neck and everything.”


Finding out new things about my town during a late night google search led me to the Cherokee County Paranormal Society. I’m somewhere between a full believer and a light skeptic about the paranormal world. So I greedily dived into the website and its members, only to find that one of the investigators worked in the same office as I did. She’s a firecracker, not one to be afraid of the unknown. And she’s a true believer and a true professional, like the rest of the members of the group.

The Cherokee County Paranormal Society is part spiritual, part historical. Their investigations are steeped in information and historical accuracy. They’ve done case studies in multiple states and worked with agencies and likeminded individuals and researchers from all over. One of my favorite things they’ve done is to create The “Legend Has it Tour”.

I’ve taken the tour 4 times. I like to consider myself an official tour guide with some of my friends. The tour combines the history of Murphy with a beginner crash course of the supernatural and the tools used to interact with them.

Generally, you begin at The Daily Grind, one of the oldest buildings in Murphy. Some of the stops include the Court House, Episcopal Church, and the Harshaw Church Cemetery. As a history buff, the legends of my town are fascinating. Not only are they informative but some are considered controversial. For example, some believe that the REAL father of Abraham Lincoln is buried in Harshaw Cemetery.  

So whether or not you believe in ghosts, or “Haints” as they are sometimes called in the south, the Legend Has It Tour is an experience not to miss out on. Skeptic & true believers alike will be entertained and enjoy the gentle walk through Murphy with friends and fellow explorers.


Interested in going? September 2, 2016 is a tour night! Starting right after the Art Walk! Don’t miss out.